The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

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The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels
Cover of the first edition
AuthorAlex Epstein
CountryUnited States
SubjectFossil fuels
PublisherPortfolio Hardcover
Publication date
November 13, 2014
Media typePrint
Pages256 pages

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels is a 2014 climate denialist[1] book by Alex Epstein that advocates for the expansion of fossil fuels.[2] Epstein runs the Center for Industrial Progress, a for-profit think tank.[3][4]


The book was a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller.[5]

The book received praise from conservative publications such as The Wall Street Journal,[2] Barron's,[6] National Review,[7] Reason,[8] and The Morning Sun of Pittsburg, Kansas.[9]

However, the book's conclusions were heavily criticized by publications following the scientific mainstream, with critical reviews published by Inside Higher Ed,[10] The Huffington Post,[11] The Guardian,[12] and Our World, a publication of the United Nations University.[13] Jason Wilson of The Guardian found that "Epstein's work has been popular and influential on the right because it is a particularly fluent, elaborate form of climate denialism."[12]

In 2014, Epstein was interviewed by Peter Thiel at an event hosted by the energy startup Tachyus. Thiel also provided a blurb for the book.[14]

In December 2014, political commentator John McLaughlin called Epstein "most original thinker of the year" for his book during McLaughlin's yearly The McLaughlin Group roundup.[15]


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