The Movie Hero

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The Movie Hero
The Movie Hero.jpg
Directed by Brad T. Gottfred
Produced by Richard Middleton
Written by Brad T. Gottfred
Starring Jeremy Sisto
Dina Meyer
Peter Stormare
Brian J. White
Music by Steven Thomas Cavit
Cinematography Samuel Ameen
Joseph Labisi
Edited by Ryan Rothmaier
Distributed by Elevation Properties
Running time
98 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Movie Hero is a 2003 American romantic comedy film starring Jeremy Sisto, Dina Meyer, and Peter Stormare. It was written and directed by Brad T. Gottfred.


The concept of the film is that the protagonist is aware his life is a movie. He meets many people throughout his "storyline" including his audience, whom he talks to frequently, his sidekick, a woman he immediately calls his Love Interest, and a shady character known only as Suspicious Character whom he suspects to be villainous. The movie won the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival as well as numerous awards from festivals around the country. It premiered on DVD and the Showtime Cable channel in 2006.


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