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The Museum of Army Chaplaincy is a museum at Amport House, Hampshire, England, which tells the story of British Army Chaplaincy from earliest times to the present day with the help of archive material and historical relics from several centuries. The museum was originally housed in Bagshot Park, but in 2001 was rehoused at Amport House (the current home of the Royal Army Chaplains' Department within the Tri-Service Armed Forces Chaplaincy Centre). Housed in a converted stable block, the museum holds a unique collection dedicated to the work of Army Chaplains throughout history in peacetime, under fire, and in captivity. The museum archives also hold material relating to the department and its history, including information about the four chaplains who have been awarded the Victoria Cross.

Admission to the Museum is free but by appointment only, due to its location on MOD land.

The current curator of the Museum is Mr David Blake, formerly of the Cheshire Military Museum.

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