The Music (sculpture)

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The Music Group
POL MDM Muzyka3.jpg
Artist Józef Gosławski
Year 1952
Location Flag of Poland.svg Poland, Warsaw

The Music (also known as The Music Group, Polish: Muzyka, Grupa Muzyka) is one of three sculptures[1] located on the roof of the building on Koszykowa Street 34/50 in Warsaw since 1952. The project was chosen after an artistic competition. The monument was designed by Józef Gosławski, but his wife - Wanda - and his brother - Stanisław - helped him with its realization because of the short deadline. Lack of scaffolds, problems with obtaining funds and the short deadline forced the artists[2] to write a letter to the chief architect of Warsaw - Józef Sigalin. After that, the conditions were improved and work was completed on time.[3]

The image of Music Group was on one of the postcards published in 1952. It cost 1.30 , of which 0.08 was spent on The Social Fund of Reconstruction of Capital City.[3]



  1. ^ Except Music there are also Fine Arts and Theatre groups.
  2. ^ Except Józef Gosławski sculptures in new Warsaw district were designed by Kazimierz Bieńkowski and Leon Machowski.
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Coordinates: 52°13′23″N 21°0′51″E / 52.22306°N 21.01417°E / 52.22306; 21.01417