The New Dance Show

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The Dance Show
Genre electrofunk, funk, disco, Detroit techno, Chicago house
Created by R.J. Watkins
Developed by RJ Watkins Late Night Entertainment
Ending theme The New Dance Show Mix
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Highland Park/Detroit, Michigan
Original network WGPR-TV 62, Detroit
Original release November 1988
Related shows The Scene

The New Dance Show was a television series in Detroit, Michigan, which ran on WGPR-TV 62 (now a CBS affiliate known as WWJ-TV). Hosted by R.J Watkins, The New Dance Show was a low-budget local version of One Direction and featured regular dancers, including a man who dressed like a Gypsy and wore a cape, and a woman who dressed as a boxer. The show feaured music from several influential Detroit techno artists. [1]

The New Dance Show was developed as a spin-off of The Scene, which ran from October 1975 to December 1987. The New Dance Show debuted in November 1988, the first show being recorded at Reggie's Moulin Rouge in Detroit.

References/External Media[edit]

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