The New Left

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The New Left
Origin Indiana, United States
Genres Acoustic rock
Pop rock
Alternative rock
Years active 2004 - Present
Labels Pastel
Members Kyle Cook

Brett Borges

John Kibler
(Bass Guitar)
Past members Eamon Ryland
(Guitarist & Singer-Songwriter)

The New Left is an alternative rock band formed in the early 2000s (decade).

After releasing their third album, More Than You Think You Are, in 2002 and spending the next year touring the globe, the members of mainstream favorite Matchbox Twenty decided to take some time away and work on their separate musical projects.

For guitarist Kyle Cook, that meant returning to his rock star roots and reconnecting with former band mates Brett Borges, drummer and bassist John Kibler.

The three met during high school in rural Indiana. Under the name Downpour the group played proms and parties, but parted ways once graduation came around.

Although Cook soon hooked up with his Matchbox Twenty band mates, the trio kept in touch and recorded demos during Cook's time off from touring. Adopting the new name 'The New Left', they solidified their lineup with the addition of guitarist and singer/songwriter Eamon Ryland.

Three years in the making, the group's first EP, Let Go, perfected at Cook's studio in Orlando, Fla., delivers six solid original, blues-tinged rock tracks.

Discography [1][edit]

Let Go (EP, 2004)[edit]

  1. "Overboard"
  2. "Dotted Line"
  3. "Wind Up Girl"
  4. "Tease Me"
  5. "Shoulda' Let Go"
  6. "Ceceila"
  7. "Shiver" (iTunes Bonus Track)