The Old Men at the Zoo

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The Old Men at the Zoo
First edition cover
Author Angus Wilson
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Published 1961 by Secker and Warburg
Media type Print
Pages 352 pp
OCLC 4482168
LC Class PZ3.W68895

The Old Men at the Zoo is a novel written by Angus Wilson, first published in 1961 by Secker and Warburg, and by Penguin books in 1964. It was adapted, with many changes—nuclear bombing of London, not present in the novel, is added—into a 1983 BBC Television serial by the scriptwriter Troy Kennedy Martin.[1] The book deals with events immediately preceding a nuclear attack on London during a (presumably) limited nuclear war, which results in the imposition of a later post-apocalyptic pan-European dystopian dictatorship, until rescue arrives for the prisoners at the zoo, transformed into a concentration camp.



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