The Papers of Tony Veitch

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The Papers of Tony Veitch
Author William McIlvanney
Series Laidlaw #2
Publisher Hodder and Stoughton
Publication date
ISBN 0340229071
Preceded by Laidlaw (novel)
Followed by Strange Loyalties

The Papers of Tony Veitch is a crime novel by William McIlvanney. This book is the second in the series featuring the character Laidlaw.[1] This series of books is recognised as the foundation of the Tartan Noir genre.[2]


Jack Laidlaw visits the deathbed of an alcoholic vagrant Eck Adamson who provides a cryptic last message which helps solve the murder of a gangland thug and the disappearance of a student. In the process, Laidlaw uncovers widespread corruption.


The book was first published in 1983 by Hodder & Staughton, and was reissued on 3 June 2013 by Canongate Books.[3]


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