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The Paradox was a South Baltimore dance club from 1991 to 2016. It was originally a home to house music, but later on got more of a hip hop feel.[1] The club was founded by Wayne Davis.


The Paradox was an important gathering place for Baltimore's DJs, producers, and dance music fans.[2] The sound system was developed, designed, and installed by Richard Long of Richard Long & Associates (RLA) and Dave Soto.[3][4] The club marked important events in the careers of many notable Djs and Promoters in the Baltimore Club Music scene such as K-Swift, Scott Henry, Leroy Burgess Jr., Scottie B and Charles Feelgood.

The Paradox closed its doors permanently in 2016, following a social media announcement[5] by club owner Wayne Davis in October 2015. This news came less than five years after a full renovation of the club,[6] which aimed to draw larger crowds. Despite its apparent success and popularity within the community, the Paradox struggled to make a profit in its later years, particularly due to dwindling alcohol sales.[7] The location which the Paradox occupied will be taken over[8] by Hammerjack's, another long-standing hallmark of Baltimore's music scene—although notably less focused on the club music the city is known for. As of 2020, the new Hammerjacks incarnation has yet to open.[9]


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