The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming

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The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming
The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming.jpg
Studio album by The Party
Released November 23, 1993 (U.S.)
Recorded 1992
Genre Pop, dance-pop, teen pop, bubblegum pop
Label Hollywood / Elektra Records
Producer Kim Bullard, Bernard Edwards, Albert Fields, Howie Tee, The Ice Man, Tony Pelusa, Julian Raymond, Andre Williams, Keith Williams
The Party chronology
The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming
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In 1993, Hollywood Records released The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming with little advance notice. This farewell album consisted of some outtakes from the Free recording sessions and previously recorded songs before the group disbanded.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Movin' On (Michael Vizcarra, Chasen Hampton, Andre Williams, Keith Williams) - 4:06 - Chase
  2. Sorry (Tiffini Hale, Desmond Hillard, Romany Malco, Sarah Jo Martin) - 3:44 - Tiffini
  3. Yellow Butterfly (Deedee Magno, Jay Colin, Willie McNeil) - 4:06 - Deedee
  4. Goin' Down (Albert Fields, Michael Vizcarra) - 4:54 - Albert
  5. I Only Want You (Tiffini Hale, Deedee Magno, Sarah Jo Martin, Howie Tee) - 3:47 - Deedee & Tiffini
  6. Let's Hold on to What We Got feat. Remedy (Michael Price, Richard Scher) - 4:05 - Deedee
  7. Hot Fun in the Summertime (Sylvester Stewart) - 4:12 - Group
  8. Forgive Me, Girl (Albert Fields, Andre Williams, Keith Williams) - 4:30 - Albert
  9. You Dropped a Bomb on Me (Charlie Wilson, Lonnie Simmons, Rudy Taylor) - 4:09 - Damon
  10. Sad Memory (Richie Furay) 3:44 - Chase
  11. I Wish You Peace (MC Gizmo, DJ Dino) - 5:17 - Deedee