The Pendragon Legend

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The Pendragon Legend
Author Antal Szerb
Original title A Pendragon-legenda
Translator Len Rix
Country Hungary
Language Hungarian
Genre Novel
Publisher Pushkin Press
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 330
ISBN 978-1-901285-60-4
OCLC 62133367

The Pendragon Legend is a 1934 novel by the Hungarian writer Antal Szerb.

The book is a philosophical thriller/comedy/murder-mystery/ghost story set first in London and then in Wales. A mystical element is diffused through an increasingly complex plot, as all threads converge in the final chapters.

The Pendragon Legend was first translated into English by Lili Halápy in 1963, and again by Len Rix in 2006.

Film adaptation[edit]

In 1974 the novel was turned into a film The Pendragon Legend directed by György Révész.

Historical References[edit]

The novel contains many references to English and European mysticism:

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