The Pink Album (Kill Kenada)

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The Pink Album
Studio album by Kill Kenada
Released September 28, 2005
Genre Alternative rock
Length 41:07
Label SUBverse Recordings
Producer Gordon Raphael

The Pink Album is the debut album of Bognor Regis band Kill Kenada. It was limited to 500 copies. Each album presented in a pink sleeve with a handwritten number written in the bottom right hand corner. The album is only available to buy off the SUBversive Recordings website.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Psychic Firm
  2. Graveyards & Parking Lots
  3. Soap
  4. K Screams 2 Kill
  5. Sado Maso
  6. Hit The Floor
  7. Kill Konvosation
  8. Tear It Up
  9. Choke
  10. Massachusetts Murder Medallions
  11. Red And Black
  12. We Got Down