The Problem of Pain

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The Problem of Pain
First edition
Author C. S. Lewis
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher The Centenary Press
Publication date
Media type print
Pages 148

The Problem of Pain is a 1940 book by C. S. Lewis in which he seeks to provide an intellectual Christian response to questions about suffering. The book addresses an important aspect of theodicy, an attempt by one Christian layman to reconcile orthodox Christian belief in a just, loving and omnipotent God with pain and suffering.

Some[who?] have felt that it is useful to read it together with A Grief Observed, Lewis' reflections on his own experiences of grief and anguish upon the death of his wife. In addition to dealing with human pain, however, the book also contains a chapter entitled "Animal Pain," demonstrating not only the fact that Lewis cast his net wider than human suffering, but also a reflection on a lifelong love of animals.

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