The Prophecy of the Stones

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The Prophecy of the Stones
Author Flavia Bujor
Original title La prophétie des pierres
Translator Linda Coverdale
Country France
Language French
Genre Fantastique
Publisher Miramax Books
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
ISBN 0-7868-1835-2
OCLC 53901489
LC Class PZ7.B911145 Pr 2004

The Prophecy of The Stones (published in the UK as The Prophecy of the Gems) is a children's novel written by the French author Flavia Bujor. Written in the course of six months while its author was thirteen years old, it was translated from French to English and into 30 other languages.

Plot summary[edit]

The principal story follows three protagonists, named Jade, Opal, and Amber after the gemstones associated with them at birth, striving to overthrow the 'Council of Twelve' and 'Army of Darkness' that oppress the story's world. The trio first meet on their 14th birthdays, at the behest of their guardians, and discover a cipher, to investigate which they visit Jean Losserand, an explorer imprisoned for dissent, who directs them to the oracle 'Oonagh'. To reach her, the protagonists and their ally 'Adrien de Rivebel' lead an exodus into the realm 'Fairytale', where humans coexist with super-humans outside the Council's rule. During the exodus, Opal is wounded, but is saved at the house of Adrien's friend, Owen d'Yrdahl. Following Opal's recovery, she accompanies Jade and Amber to Oonagh, who reveals that on the coming summer solstice will be a battle between the Army of Darkness and the Army of Light, and that they therefore must persuade Death to end her strike. Having done so, they rejoin the Army of Light, where Amber identifies its leader, called 'Elyador' ('Chosen One' in the story's fictional language), at his own arrival. Thereafter the three protagonists observe the battle alongside their principal antagonist, the Thirteenth Councillor. Upon perceiving the Army of Light in danger, the protagonists leap from the Councillor's tower, provoking a 'golden rain' to inspire the Army of Light, which thereupon destroys the Army of Darkness. This done, the victorious leaders discover a 'Seed of hope', which they plant to ensure their victory.

A second storyline follows Elyador himself, amnesiac and itinerant, until his reaching the Army of Light. A third depicts the thoughts of 'Joa', a child dying of an unidentified disease, who observes the three protagonists in a series of hallucinations. Inspired by them, she summons an estranged friend (identified with Elyador) to convey a final message: "My dreams gave life back to me. Now I must give dreams back to life".


The Prophecy of the Stones was a bestseller in over twenty countries around the world; but many readers attributed the novel's fame to Bujor's age and not her talent at writing, and criticized her for giving her characters Mary Sue qualities.