The Proud General

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The Proud General
Directed by Te Wei
Release date
Running time
24 minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin

The Proud General (simplified Chinese: 骄傲的将军; traditional Chinese: 驕傲的將軍; pinyin: Jiāo'ào de Jiāngjūn) is a Chinese animated featurette produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio under the master animator Te Wei. It is also referred to as The Conceited General.


After a victorious military campaign, a general returns home to glory and prosperity. The king rewards him and claims that all enemies will be intimidated by the general. From then on, the general no longer practices martial arts. He eats, drinks, lives the glamorous life, and doesn't bother anymore with sharpening his weapons. When the enemy one day returns, his own arrogance leads to his defeat and eventually to the downfall of the whole nation.


The film was heavily influenced by Disney from the perspective of character design, movement and storytelling point of view. The music is derived from the Beijing Opera. The clothing, architecture, and props do have a strong sense of Chinese cultural influence.[1] It was one of the first films to use the art of water ink painting in a lengthy production.


The DVD has been re-released under the Chinese Classic Animation Te Wei Collection set. The Conceited General does have English subtitles.


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