The Quest for Cush

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Imaro: The Quest for Cush
Cover of Imaro: The Quest for Cush, 1984 by DAW Books
Author Charles R. Saunders
Country United States
Language English
Series Imaro
Genre Fantasy novel

DAW books (first edition)

Night Shade Books (second edition)
Publication date
1984 (first edition), 2008 (second edition)
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 214 pp
ISBN 978-1-59780-066-2 (USA paperback) second edition
Preceded by Imaro
Followed by The Trail of Bohu

The Quest for Cush also known as Imaro II: The Quest for Cush is a sword and sorcery novel written by Charles R. Saunders, and published by DAW Books in 1984. The Quest for Cush was the second book in the original Imaro Trilogy. The novel is a collection of four short stories ("In Mwenni", "In Bana-Gui", "On the Bahari Mashiriki", and "In Kush") which were originally published in Dark Fantasy, a fanzine published by Canadian comic book artist Gene Day during the 1970s.

An updated trade paperback version of The Quest for Cush was published in 2008 by Night Shade Books. It is an update of the DAW version of the novel, Saunders moves Imaro's first meeting with Tanisha and Pomphis from the last chapter in Imaro, the first book in the series, to the first chapter in The Quest for Cush.

"The Kandiss of Cush charged me to seek he who was the greatest of all warriors, seek him and return with him to Cush. For the Mashataan, the Demon Gods, are once again astir, and all Nyumbani is in danger. I have witnessed your deeds and I am convinced you are the one the Kandiss meant."

DAW Books 1984


Defeated and demoralised by treachery within the bandit tribes that he led, Imaro searches for vengeance, and for his kidnapped lover Tanisha. In the City of Madness, he finds both, along with a new ally, Pomphis, who seems to possess information about the dark forces that have hounded Imaro all his life.

Pomphis does not have all the answers, but he suggests they might be found in the legendary city of Cush. As they embark on their quest for Cush, the forces arrayed against Imaro grow bolder, manifesting themselves as assassins, monsters and deadly creatures from the sea, all in a desperate attempt to prevent Imaro from reaching Cush. As the forces grow deadlier, the true nature of the coming continent-wide conflict becomes increasingly more apparent.


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List of characters[edit]

The characters in this section are listed in their order of appearance.

  • Imaro - son of Katisa, son of no father
  • Tanisha - Shikaza woman who becomes Imaro's companion
  • Pomphis - Bambuti Pygmy scholar and former jester, now friend to Imaro
  • Rabir - A Zanjian sea captain who winds up being one if his friends after transporting him to Cush