The Rabbi's Cat (comics)

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The Rabbi's Cat
(Le Chat du Rabbin)
Created byJoann Sfar
Publication information
FormatsOriginal material for the series has been published as a set of graphic novels.
Original languageFrench
Publication date2002 – 2017
Creative team
Writer(s)Joann Sfar
Creator(s)Joann Sfar
The series has been reprinted, at least in part, in English.

The Rabbi's Cat (French title: Le Chat du Rabbin) is a series of comic fantasy comic books created by Joann Sfar. It was originally published in France by Delcourt as a series of graphic albums. English translations of the first five stories have been released by Pantheon Books.


Original publications[edit]

  1. La Bar-Mitsva (2002) ISBN 2-205-05207-1, prefaced by Éliette Abécassis. Translated into German, English, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech and Dutch.
  2. Le Malka des lions (2002) ISBN 2-205-05369-8, prefaced by Fellag. Translated into German, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Czech and Dutch.
  3. L'Exode (bande dessinée, Sfar)|L’Exode]] (2003) ISBN 2-205-05497-X, with a preface by Georges Moustaki.
    Translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian and Swedish and Dutch.
  4. Le Paradis terrestre (bande dessinée)|Le Paradis terrestre]] (2005) ISBN 2-205-05725-1, with a preface by Jean Giraud. Translated into German, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
  5. Jérusalem d'Afrique (2006) ISBN 2-205-05868-1, prefaced by Philippe Val. Joann Sfar describes this album in a preface as a story against racism. Translated into German, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
  6. Tu n'auras pas d'autre Dieu que moi (2015) ISBN 2-205-07353-2. Translated into German and Dutch.
  7. La tour de Bab-El-Oued (2017) ISBN 2-205-07588-8. Translated into Dutch.

In English[edit]

  • The Rabbi's Cat, Pantheon, 2007 (Books 1-3).
  • The Rabbi's Cat 2, Pantheon, 2008 (Books 4-5).


  • Le Chat du Rabbin has been adapted for the theater by Camille Nahum under the name of La Bar-mitsva du Chat du Rabbin, created at Paris at the theater Michel Galabru 18 September 2004 then reprised at the Théâtre Le Temple from the 22d of March 2005 to 28 April 2005. Staging by Élise McLeod andSei Shiomi, actors were Rémy Darcy, Shiran Azoulay and Camille Nahum.
  • Joann Sfar and several artists have adapted The Rabbi's Cat into an animated film. It premiered in the cinema in France the first of June 2011.