The Radiophonic Workshop (1975 album)

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For the BBC music & sound effects department, see BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
The Radiophonic Workshop
Compilation album by BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Released 1975
Genre Electronic music
Length 38:20
Label BBC Records
Producer John Baker, Malcolm Clarke, Glynis Jones, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Dick Mills, Richard Yeoman-Clark
BBC Radiophonic Workshop chronology
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The Radiophonic Workshop is a 1975 compilation album by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, similar in concept to the earlier BBC Radiophonic Music of 1971. The album featured a variety of work demonstrating many of the various techniques the Workshop used. Unlike its predecessor though, it was far more synthesiser orientated. The music comes from all types of sources from serious drama and documentary to the "Major Bloodnok's Stomach" sound effect from The Goon Show. As with the 1971 compilation, the album was remastered in 2002 by Mark Ayres and re-released with two bonus tracks from John Baker.

Track listing[edit]

Original track listing

Side One

  1. Malcolm Clarke (with Richard Yeoman-Clark) - "La Grande Pièce de la Foire de la Rue Delaware"
    John Baker - "Brio"
  2. Dick Mills - "Adagio"
  3. Roger Limb - "Geraldine"
  4. Malcolm Clarke - "Bath Time"
  5. Glynis Jones & Malcolm Clarke - "Nénuphar"

Side Two

  1. Dick Mills - "Major Bloodnok's Stomach"
    Paddy Kingsland - "The Panel Beaters"
    Dick Mills - "Crazy Dazy"
  2. Glynis Jones - "Veils and Mirrors"
  3. Malcolm Clarke - "Romanescan Rout"
  4. Glynis Jones - "Schlum Rooli"
  5. Roger Limb - "Kitten's Lullaby"
  6. Richard Yeoman-Clark - "Waltz Antipathy"
  7. Paddy Kingsland - "The World of Science"

2002 track listing

  1. Malcolm Clarke (with Richard Yeoman-Clark) - "La Grande Pièce de la Foire de la Rue Delaware"
  2. John Baker - "Brio"
  3. Dick Mills - "Adagio"
  4. Roger Limb - "Geraldine"
  5. Malcolm Clarke - "Bath Time"
  6. Glynis Jones & Malcolm Clarke - "Nénuphar"
  7. John Baker - "Accentric"
  8. Dick Mills - "Major Bloodnok's Stomach"
  9. Paddy Kingsland - "The Panel Beaters"
  10. Dick Mills - "Crazy Dazy"
  11. Glynis Jones - "Veils and Mirrors"
  12. Malcolm Clarke - "Romanescan Rout"
  13. Glynis Jones - "Schlum Rooli"
  14. Roger Limb - "Kitten's Lullaby"
  15. John Baker - "Chino"
  16. Richard Yeoman-Clark - "Waltz Antipathy"
  17. Paddy Kingsland - "The World of Science"


Equipment used on this compilation includes:

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