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Jefferson Hall, Hotel C, West Range

Officers of the Range Community, 2019-2020

Chair Rachel Wilkinson[1]
Selections Chair Mustafa Hotaki[1]
Finance Chair Nicholas Flanagan[1]
Social Chairs Laura Ventura[1]
Grounds Chair Michelle Charochak[1]

The Range is part of the original University of Virginia grounds designed by Thomas Jefferson. Fifty-two rooms comprise the Range Community, which run parallel to the Lawn in rows, housing accomplished graduate students to represent their colleges. In keeping with the University's tradition of student self-governance, leadership is chosen from amongst themselves.

There are six "hotels" on the Range, three on each side. Originally used as dining facilities, the hotels today include a number of administrative office spaces as well as the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society. Previous Range residents who have become well-known include Edgar Allan Poe (13 W. Range) and Woodrow Wilson (31 W. Range). During his residence, Poe allegedly etched his initials into a pane of window glass– a pane that has since been shattered. Visitors to the Range can peer inside Poe's room, which is maintained by the Raven Society, and listen to a brief recording that describes Poe's time at the University. In addition, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity maintains 47 W. Range where it was founded on March 1, 1868.

Former Presidents of the Range Community
Zack Courser College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 1 Crackerbox 2004-2006
Gavin Reddick College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 1 Crackerbox 2006-2008
Mike Stadnisky College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 2 Crackerbox 2008-2009
Erin Kallman School of Engineering and Applied Science 2 Crackerbox 2009-2010
Ilon Weeldreyer Curry School of Education 2 Crackerbox 2010-2011
Jack Thorman Curry School of Education 34 E. Range 2011-2012
Clifford Cutchins School of Medicine 6 E. Range 2012-2013
Grace Pardo Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy 9 W. Range 2013-2014
Kyle Gardiner Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy 33 W. Range 2014-2016
Baxter Craven School of Architecture 11 W. Range 2016-2017
Sydney Shavers McIntire School of Commerce 35 W. Range 2017-2018
John Costello School of Medicine 2 Crackerbox August 2018 - September 2018
Evan Wolfe College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences 11 W. Range 2018-2019
Rachel Wilkinson School of Nursing 30 East Range 2019-2020

How to apply[edit]

Graduate students may apply to live on the Range by contacting its president. Applicants are also encouraged to attend an open house in April so as to meet current residents and see the rooms. If one is unable to attend, interested students may interview over the phone so as to ask questions about accommodations or the community.

Edgar Allan Poe room on the West Range, 1915.
A brick arcade on the West Range.
Student names scratched into bricks.


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