The Red Ceiling

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The Red Ceiling
The Red Ceiling by William Eggleston.jpg
ArtistWilliam Eggleston
MediumDye transfer print
Dimensions35.2 cm × 55.1 cm (13.9 in × 21.7 in)
LocationGetty Center; Museum of Modern Art

The Red Ceiling is the title of a photograph by William Eggleston. It is also known as Greenwood, Mississippi, 1973 after the location and year it was taken.

A dye transfer print measuring 13 78 by 21 1116 inches (35.2 by 55.1 cm), Eggleston considers it among his most challenging and powerful works, "so powerful that, in fact, I've never seen it reproduced on the page to my satisfaction".[1]

A copy of the photograph is held by the J. Paul Getty Museum, but is currently not on view at the Getty Center.[1] Another copy is held by the Museum of Modern Art.[2]

It has been described as Eggleston's "most famous photograph," with "some indefinable sense of menace".[3] It is widely recognised as the album cover for the record Radio City (1974) by the Memphis band Big Star.


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