The Republic of Wolves

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The Republic of Wolves
Wolves show rock.jpg
The Republic of Wolves performing in 2010 at LuLu's Pub on Long Island
Background information
Origin Long Island, New York, United States
Genres Indie rock, alternative rock
Years active 2009–present
Labels Unsigned / Simple Stereo (vinyl/distribution)
Members Ryan Sean Cullinane
Billy Duprey
Mason Maggio
Christian Van Deurs
Chris Wall
Past members Gregg Dellarocca
David Kaplan

The Republic of Wolves is an indie rock band from Long Island, New York, USA, consisting of Mason Maggio and Christian Van Deurs of the indie folk band Tigers On Trains, as well as Billy Duprey, Chris Wall of the Hip Hop band The Kickdrums and Ryan Sean Cullinane. AbsolutePunk named their first extended play His Old Branches "the best EP to be released in 2009".[1] has noted that there are "some moments of brilliant restraint in their songs".[2] The Republic Of Wolves were placed on a list of the "Top 10 Indie Bands" in Substream Music Press magazine, in which they were described as having "dark sounds, slowly but forcefully delivered vocals, and aggressively smart lyrics."[3] The band has performed with acts such as Good Old War, Vinnie Caruana and Brandon Reilly of The Movielife, Gabriel the Marine, The Felix Culpa, Robbers, HRVRD, Sainthood Reps and Tiger Riot.


During summer 2009, Maggio and Van Deurs were recording the Tigers On Trains album Grandfather[4] at Gregg Andrew Dellarocca's home studio. They began experimenting with a different, heavier and more dynamic style of music with their friends Duprey and Wall and The Republic Of Wolves was formed.[citation needed]

The Republic of Wolves has notable influences from other Long Island bands such as Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, Glassjaw and As Tall As Lions. This influence was most obvious when clips of three The Republic of Wolves demos were posted onto YouTube as demos of Brand New songs from their then upcoming album Daisy. Initially, many Brand New fans could not tell whether these demos were legitimate or not. The band has said that they had no part in this incident, and when they found out about the faux demos they contacted the CEO of AbsolutePunk, Jason Tate, and the truth was revealed.[5]

On 15 March 2010, The Republic of Wolves, with the help of 410 BC, Vintage Hustle Records and Simple Stereo, held a contest in which they invited fans to cover any one of their songs from the EP His Old Branches, awarding prizes to the top entries.[6]

Their first full-length album, Varuna, was released on 30 November 2010.[7] The CD was self-released by the band and the vinyl was released by Simple Stereo.[8]

On 11 September 2010, the band announced an upcoming extended play called The Cartographer, which was released digitally and on vinyl (by Simple Stereo).[9] on 1 January 2011.[10]

On 3 April, the drummer Wall announced that he was leaving the band under good terms.

On 6 January 2013, the band uploaded a new track entitled "Consequence" on SoundCloud, with the description stating that it would appear on their upcoming album to be released "later this year".[11] The song did not appear on the standard version of the album, however.

On 11 January, the band made the track available for free download on the Simple Stereo website.[12]

In September 2014, the band rejoined with the original drummer, Wall, as they prepared for that year's upcoming Warped Tour.

Band members[edit]

  • Gregg Andrew Dellarocca - guitar, vocals
  • David Kaplan - bass guitar, vocals


Studio albums[edit]


Compilation albums[edit]



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