The Revells of Christendome

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The Revells of Christendome
The Revells of Christendome.jpg
Artist Thomas Cockson
Year 1609 (1609)
Type Engraving
Location London
Coordinates Coordinates: 51°31′10.0″N 0°7′36.9″E / 51.519444°N 0.126917°E / 51.519444; 0.126917

The Revells of Christendome is an engraving by English engraver Thomas Cockson.[1] With image size of 21.6 x 35.5 cm and overall measure of 29.2 x 37.2 cm,[2] A copy is in collection of the Department of Prints and Drawings of the British Museum.[3]


In this satirical print, which ridicules the political condition in Europe and the efforts of England and France to negotiate cessation of hostilities between Spain and the Dutch Republic shortly after the Twelve Years' Truce,[4] James I of England, Henri IV of France, Christian IV of Denmark and Maurice of Nassau are seen playing several gambling games such as backgammon, playing cards and dice. They are accompanied by three friars and a dog which urinates on the foot of one of them, while the pope and a cleric are somewhat trying to cheat James I and his fellow European comrades.[5]

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