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The Rivals is a 1775 play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

The Rivals may also refer to:

  • The Rivals (1898 film) by American Mutoscope Company
  • The Rivals (1903 film) by Gaumont British Picture Corporation
  • The Rivals (1907 film) by Edwin S. Porter
  • The Rivals (1916 film) by Walter Stull
  • Rivals (1923 film) starring Slim Summerville
  • Rivals (1925 film) starring Oliver Hardy
  • The Rivals (1929 film) by Nat Ross
  • The Rivals (1938 film) starring Eric Portman
  • The Rivals (1963 film) by Max Varnel
  • Rivals (1972 film) by Krishna Shah
  • Rivals (1981 film) starring Stewart Petersen
  • Rivals (2003 film) directed by Miguel M. Espinoza
  • The Rivals (2004 film), adaptation of the Sheridan play starring David Burke
  • Rivals, English title for 2008 French film Les liens du sang starring Guillaume Canet
  • Rivals, alternate title for 2012 film The Campaign (film)|The Campaign

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