Rivalry (video game)

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A screenshot of the game's main fight screen.
Developer(s)Kew McParlane
Platform(s)Windows, MacOS, Linux
Genre(s)Fighting, Simulation

Rivalry is an upcoming ragdoll-based sword-fighting hotseat multiplayer game created by Kew McParlane. The game was released into Steam Early Access in January 2016 after being previewed as a WebGL game at PAX Australia 2015.


Creator of Rivalry, Kew McParlane, in November 2015 at PAX Australia

Rivalry was created by Kew McParlane and launched on 1 November 2015 at PAX Australia.[1][3] Rivalry was a surprise hit [4][5][6][7] of the show.

Kew came up with the idea of the game when he was a 12[8] year old, leading him to build a prototype using Little Big Planet. He took the idea to his father, who encouraged Kew by teaching him how to program.[9] He then ran a successful Kickstarter to raise $2000 to get himself an Indie Developer stand at PAX 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.[10]

Gameplay and reception[edit]

In Rivalry, two players take turns at moving their ragdoll character’s limbs and weapons until one is victorious. While the beginning stages of each game captures the strategic essence of swordplay,[11] as damage and limbs are taken, the endgame turns rather Pythonesque.[citation needed]

Rivalry's Steam Greenlight campaign launched a few days before PAX Australia 2015, and received mostly negative comments due to the primitive graphics of the game.[12] During and after PAX, Rivalry began to receive almost exclusively positive comments from people who had attended PAX and experienced the game first-hand.[citation needed]

The game was green-lit by Steam on 16 December 2015.[13]

Rivalry was released under Steam Early Access on 22 January 2016.[14] It gained some popularity amongst gamers when Kim Richards from The Yogscast published two playthrough videos on the 16th[15] and 19th[16] of March 2016.

On 14 June 2016, Kew was interviewed by ABC TV's Good Game about Rivalry and his development experience.[17]


The game is currently in alpha development and many more features, including online multiplayer, are planned before the game's full release.[2]


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