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The Rub is a band formed in Los Angeles, California by Dan Duarte and Eddie Mooney. With drummer Tim Baker, The Rub recorded the LP Bikini Gospel for Happy Squid Records.[1] Bikini Gospel contained performances by Steve Stain, John Talley-Jones (Urinals, 100 Flowers), Louis Vandenberg (performer and producer on Stan Ridgway recordings), John Rocknowski (Tragic Comedy), Paul Halliburton (Christ Pistols), and Dave Brown (Black Randy and the Metro Squad). The song "The Death of Pop" was a critic's favorite and has received extensive alternative and college radio airplay, and the album also included a version of Michael Mooney's song "Movies" along with a cult favorite "Who Killed Bob Crane?" .[2]

The "Bikini Gospel" LP has received a digital re-release by Happy Squid Records in April 2016. More information at twitter: @TheRubOriginal and

The Rub recorded their second album, Day Off From Karma with drummer Dirk Vandenberg, formerly of TragicComedy (New Alliance Records), and a studio and live performer with The Minutemen and Firehose. Day Off From Karma was released as a CD in July 1999 on Happy Squid Records (HS-019)[3] and featured performances by Richard "Crane" Kreiger (performer with TragicComedy, The Minutemen) and Vitus Matare (The Last, Trotsky Icepick). One track, A Thousand Days, was released on a compilation album by VIVA Records, "VIVA - Los Angeles II." Four songs by The Rub were also included on one of the first MPEG digital/audio CDs, Browser Barbarians released by DMR Diversions (Ridgecrest, California).[4]

The Rub was formed in 1985 from the remnants of post-punk group FUN (not related to current Indie Pop group Fun.). FUN included Michael Mooney, Dan Duarte, Steve Stain (later of the Blue Daisies and solo recordings on New Alliance Records) and Eddie Mooney. After the departure of Stain and Michael Mooney,Dan Duarte and Eddie Mooney recruited drummer Tim Baker and renamed themselves The Rub.[5]


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