The Scarlet Runner

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The Scarlet Runner
The Scarlet Runner.jpg
Ad for the film
Directed by William P. S. Earle
Wally Van
Written by George H. Plympton
A. M. Williamson
C. N. Williamson
Starring Earle Williams
Marguerite Blake
Distributed by Vitagraph Company of America
Release dates
  • October 2, 1916 (1916-10-02)
Running time
12 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

The Scarlet Runner is a 1916 American drama film serial directed by William P.S. Earle and Wally Van. The film is considered to be lost.[1]


A series of 12 two-reel episodes, each a separate and unrelated story, relating the adventures of Christopher Race and his high-powered automobile, "The Scarlet Runner". Each episode has a different cast, except for the continuing role of Earle Williams.


  • Earle Williams as Christopher Race
  • Marguerite Blake as Lady Ivy
  • L. Rogers Lytton as Baron von Hess
  • Charles Kent as James Race
  • Dorothy Kelly as Miss Collingwood
  • Leila Blow as Mrs. Collingwood
  • Donald Hall as Sir Gordon Race
  • Lillian Tucker as Mrs. Dauray
  • William R. Dunn as Fitzgerald
  • Kalman Matus as Prince Mirco
  • John Costello as Ambassador Rudovico
  • Ethel Corcoran as Volda Rudovico
  • Grace Valentine as Grace Norwood
  • Zena Keefe as Sidney Chester / Dorothy Herbert
  • Helen Pillsbury as The Mother
  • Walter McGrail as Morley Chester

Chapter titles[edit]

'The Gold Cigarette Case' episode poster
  1. The Car and His Majesty
  2. The Nurenberg Watch
  3. The Maskd Ball
  4. The Hidden Prince
  5. The Jacobean House
  6. The Mysterious Motor Car
  7. The Red Whiskered Man
  8. The Glove and The Ring
  9. The Gold Cigarette Case
  10. The Lost Girl
  11. The Missing Chapter
  12. The Car And The Girl

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