The Scheme for Full Employment

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The Scheme for Full Employment
First edition
Author Magnus Mills
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Flamingo
Publication date
03 Mar 2003
Media type Print & eBook
Pages 272
ISBN 0-00-715131-4

The Scheme for Full Employment is a novel by the English author Magnus Mills, published in 2003 by Flamingo.

Plot introduction[edit]

The scheme referred to in the title involves the driving of 'UniVans' from depot to depot picking up and unloading cargo - the cargo being replacement parts for UniVans. "Gloriously self-perpetuating, the scheme was designed to give an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s labor",[1] "the envy of the world: the greatest undertaking ever conceived by man". The novel is a satire of labour relations and describes how the scheme is brought to the brink of disaster.


According to complete review the novel received mixed reviews with no consensus; the website concluded it was a 'decent trifle'.[2]


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