The Score – An Epic Journey

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The Score – An Epic Journey
Soundtrack album by Epica
Released 20 September 2005
Recorded October 2004 to May 2005
Studio Epica Studio, Reuver, The Netherlands
Huts Studio, Antwerpen, Belgium
Gate Studio, Wolfsburg, Germany
Genre Orchestral
Length 63:25
Label Transmission
Producer Mark Jansen, Yves Huts, Miro, Sascha Paeth, Olaf Reitmeier
Epica chronology
Consign to Oblivion
(2005)Consign to Oblivion2005
The Score – An Epic Journey
The Road to Paradiso
(2006)The Road to Paradiso2006
Singles from The Score – An Epic Journey
  1. "Solitary Ground"
    Released: 25 April 2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Lords of Metal(no evaluation)[1]

The Score – An Epic Journey is a soundtrack album by the Dutch symphonic metal formation Epica, released in 2005. It is the film soundtrack to Joyride, a Dutch production.

Most of the songs of the album are instrumental, except for four songs. The three songs that do feature the singing voice of Simone Simons ("Trois Vierges", "Solitary Ground", "Quietus") are different versions of songs from the album Consign to Oblivion, which was released earlier the same year.[2]

The album was originally supposed to be released on 8 September. After two delays, this date changed to 20 September 2005. The first samples of The Score were given to Jimmy Lim by Mark Jansen in Madrid.

Track listing[edit]

1."Vengeance Is Mine" Mark Jansen1:53
2."Unholy Trinity" Yves Huts3:09
3."The Valley" Huts2:09
4."Caught in a Web" Jansen, Coen Janssen, Huts4:25
5."Insomnia" Jansen2:07
6."Under the Aegis" Huts, Jansen2:49
7."Trois Vierges" (solo version)Simone SimonsJansen, Janssen, S. Simons4:41
8."Mystica" Huts2:45
9."Valley of Sins" Jansen5:39
10."Empty Gaze" Jansen2:09
11."The Alleged Paradigm" Jansen, Huts2:23
12."Supremacy" Jansen, Huts3:19
13."Beyond the Depth" Jansen1:55
14."Epitome" Huts, Jansen1:17
15."Inevitable Embrace" Jansen3:50
16."Angel of Death" Jansen3:28
17."The Ultimate Return" Jansen4:46
18."Trois Vierges" (reprise) Jansen, Janssen, S. Simons2:04
19."Solitary Ground" (single version)S. SimonsJanssen, Jansen, Ad Sluijter, S. Simons4:05
20."Quietus" (score version)S. SimonsJansen, Huts, Janssen, Sluijter, S. Simons, Jeroen Simons3:55



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