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Ad Sluijter (born 29 November 1981)[citation needed] is a Dutch guitarist who is mostly known for his work with the Dutch symphonic metal band Epica. He also contributed to other bands like Delain.

Work with Epica[edit]

Ad is the previous lead guitarist of Metal band Epica. He played on the first three studio albums, the live album The Classical Conspiracy and the studio DVD We Will Take You With Us.


Ad can be seen on DVD We Will Take You With Us playing an Ebony Gibson Les Paul Custom. He is also to have said to have used an Epiphone for the solo work on the album The Divine Conspiracy and a Mesa Boggie Mark IV. This information, however, is no longer available after Epica made a new website to make way for their new album The Quantum Enigma.


In Epica Ad uses a six-string but uses B tuning as seen below:


This can be heard in all albums as the pitch of the lowest notes are B1 for the guitar. However, on The Phantom Agony, he used standard E tuning, except for Cry To The Moon and Illusive Consensus, where he detuned to Drop D.


It was announced on Epica's website that Ad and Epica would part ways on 16 December 2008 although still played for the live album The Classical Conspiracy in 2009. He was replaced with guitarist Isaac Delahaye.



The Phantom Agony (2003) Consign to Oblivion (2005) The Divine Conspiracy (2007)

Live Albums[edit]

The Classical Conspiracy (2009)


We Will Take You With Us (2004)

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