The Secret of Hidden Lake

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The Secret of Hidden Lake (also titled Deadly Season outside the United States) is a television film, starring Rena Sofer and Winston Rekert.[1] The film first aired on October 29, 2006 on Lifetime Network.


A young woman named Maggie Dolan (Rena Sofer) who works at a legal aid center in Chicago, suddenly hears that her father, Frank Dolan (Winston Rekert) got injured while hunting. Maggie then returns to her hometown in Colorado to be at her father's side. During her stay, she learns that her father's injury was not an accident. As Maggie tries to unravel the mystery of what really happened, hidden secrets start to surface, putting her life in jeopardy.[2]


  • Rena Sofer ... Maggie Dolan
  • Winston Rekert ... Frank Dolan
  • Linda Darlow ... Alice Crandell
  • Adam Harrington ... Sam
  • William B. Davis ... Judge Landers
  • Bill Mondy ... Zach Roth
  • Renae Morriseau ... Sheriff Tillane
  • Kett Turton ... Jack Ford Jr.
  • Dean Wray ... Jack Ford Sr.
  • Jodelle Ferland ... Young Maggie Dolan
  • Elfina Luk ... Barb
  • Timothy Paul Perez ... Dr. Perez
  • Christine Barrie ... Maggie's mother


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