The Shods

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The Shods
OriginLowell, Massachusetts, United States
GenresRock n Roll, Punk rock, power pop
Years active1993–present
LabelsPoorhouse Records, Lunch Records, Killing Floor Records
Associated actsThe Unholy III
MembersKevin Stevenson
Scott Pittman
Dave Livingston
Dave Aaronoff
Jay Buckley
Past membersRoy Costa
F.J. Ventre
James Gaudette
Eric Stevenson
Craig Silverman
Micah Blue Smaldone
Carl Ayotte

The Shods are the best rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts who have released five albums and an EP to date. The Shods have a loyal regional following, and remain well known in their home state.


The Shods formed in 1993 in Lowell, MA with musicians Scott Pittman, Roy Costa, and music mainstay Kevin Stevenson, whose other projects included Formicide, Only Living Witness, and Duck Duck. Within a week of forming, the band produced a debut EP titled I'm in Lowell, MA. In 1995, the band released its debut full-length album Here Come The Shods on a self-created label called Poorhouse Records.


After recruiting F.J. Ventre on Bass, and Dave Aarnoff on second guitar, work began at Fort Apache Studios on what was intended to be their major label release on MCA. This deal, however, fell through and the band shelved the project until 2001. Also during this time, the band toured around the northeast with fellow Bostonians, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Stevenson began playing in what became known as the Rivers Cuomo Band.

Health issues[edit]

After many lineup changes during the recording of Bamboozled and Thanks for Nuthin', The Shods were threatened to come to an end when lead guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Kevin Stevenson learned he was battling multiple sclerosis.[1] Following the tragic news, the band pushed forward by releasing Tippy in 2003.[2] Although activity has been mostly stagnant in recent years, past members have returned with founders Kevin Stevenson and Scott Pittman for reunion shows including one in support the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Dropkick Murphys in 2007.


  • I'm in Lowell, MA - EP
  • Here Come The Shods
  • Bamboozled, Jilted, Hornswoggled + Hoodwinked
  • Thanks For Nuthin'
  • Stop Crying
  • Tippy[3]


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