The Single Girls

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The Single Girls
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Beverly Sebastion
Ferd Sebastion
Produced by Beverly Sebastion
Written by Ann Cawthorne
William Kerwin
Starring Claudia Jennings
Greg Mullavy
Wayne C. Dvorak
Music by Peter J. Elliott
Cinematography Ferd Sebastion
Distributed by Dimension Pictures
Release date
  • April 1974 (1974-04)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Single Girls is a 1974 exploitation film about a group of swingers at a Caribbean resort who are stalked by a mysterious killer. The film was directed by Beverly Sebastion and Ferd Sebastion, and stars Claudia Jennings, Jean Marie Ingels, and Greg Mullavy.

Tagline: Searching for a man was a way of life.


A group of men and women travel to a Caribbean resort to discover themselves sexually but unfortunately one of them has also discovered that they like to murder people too.


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Additional information[edit]

This film was also released under the following titles:

  • Bloody Friday
  • Private School


  • "Ms. America" - Written by Bobby Hart & Danny Janssen