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The Six may refer to:

  • The Six, a songwriting collective from Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada, often stylized as "The 6ix"
  • Les Six, a group of six French composers working in Montparnasse in the early 20th century
  • a fictional team of six mutants in the Mutant X comic book series
  • the Inner Six, the founding members of the European Communities
  • Symphony Six, group of Canadian musicians under contract to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra who were denied entry to the United States for a concert tour in November 1951
  • in 2009, the title of a pilot for a United States version of the Russian game show What? Where? When? renamed in 2010 to Million Dollar Mind Game and canceled in 2011
  • The 6 (news programme), a local TV news programme produced by Made in Bristol, also known as The 9.
  • SC6 (sports program), also known as The Six, an expanded edition of the ESPN show SportsCenter
  • 6 (New York City Subway service)

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