The Slugs

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The Slugs
OriginChicago, Illinois, United States
Years active1983–2010
WebsiteOfficial website
  • Dag Juhlin
  • Gregg Juhlin
  • Johnny L.
  • Mike Halston
Past members
  • Al Paulson
  • Tristan Gallagher

The Slugs were an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Starting in 1983, the band played power pop influenced by bands such as The Who, NRBQ, XTC and The Smithereens.[1]

Formation and members[edit]

The Slugs was started by brothers guitarist Dag and bassist Gregg Juhlin[1] and their friend guitarist Al Paulson in Park Ridge, Illinois.[citation needed] In the early 1980s, the trio put out an ad for a drummer that was answered by Chicago native Mike Halston,[citation needed] and the band officially formed on March 5, 1983.[1] Al Paulson eventually left the group, and English vocalist Tristan Gallagher joined but left in 1985.[citation needed] In the 1990s, Johnny L (born John Lukashevich[citation needed]) joined the band as guitarist.[2]


The group put out their first single, "Walking in Circles/Give Me a Sunday", in 1986 on Susstones Records, and then a second single, "Back to the Playground/Now They Can All Lie Down", was issued on Pravda Records in 1987.[1]

In 1988, while still a trio, the Slugs put out their first album, Non-Stop Holiday, on Pravda Records.[1][3] The record sleeve displayed a photograph of an adolescent Mike Halston.[3]

The band subsequently released two more albums: Fort Fun (1992, Pravda Records) and Junior (2000, Famous Mistakes Records).[citation needed]


The band announced that they would reunite on January 22, 2010 for one show at the Abbey Pub in Chicago to celebrate Pravda Records' 25th anniversary, along with Pravda bands the Service and Boom Hank.[4][5]


  • "Walking in Circles", single, -- Susstones, 1986
  • "Back to the Playgrounds"—single, Pravda, 1987
  • Non-Stop Holiday—Pravda, 1988
  • 20 Explosive Dynamic Super Smash Hit Explosions—cover of Hooked on a Feeling (Pravda, 1991)
  • Fort Fun – Pravda, 1992
  • Super Fantastic Mega Smash Hits! - Hooked on a Feeling - (BMG/Backyard/Pravda, 1995)
  • "Margaret" - Home Brewed in the Windy City - (WXRT/Starbucks, 1999)
  • Junior – Famous Mistakes, 2000
  • "Honey Rose" - Urbs in Horto compilation (Johann's Face) 2003
  • Table Scraps - compilation/retrospective - fan club release 2005


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