The Soap Girls

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The Soap Girls
OriginCape Town, South Africa
GenresPunk rock
Years active2015-present (punk band)
2011-2014 (dance-pop act)
LabelsThe Soap Girls
Universal Records
MembersNoemie Debray
Camille Debray
Past membersArya Goggin

The Soap Girls are a UK-based punk band consisting of French-born, South African-raised sisters Noemie Debray (guitar, vocals) and Camille Debray (guitar, vocals). and formerly featuring drummer Arya Goggin, The band have achieved press coverage in the music magazines Planet Rock,[1] and Vive Le Rock[2] as well as website Louder Than War.[3]

Previously, the Debray sisters formed an earlier dance-pop incarnation of the band in South Africa which was signed to Universal Records.[4]


The Debrays began their music career as child street performers in South Africa, singing while selling soap, from where they acquired their band name.[5] Signed to Universal Records, they scored a South African number one hit album Xperience and four South African Top 5 singles[6][4] before relocating to the UK in 2015 and reconstituting themselves as a punk band, adding drummer Goggin. That year, they released Calls To Rebellion, their debut album as a punk band. [4]

The band received attention after an incident at a 2016 gig in Hastings in which venue staff attacked the band with a bucketful of stage blood.[7][1] Noting their reputation, Camille observed in 2019 "As women we are labelled and if we don't fit the stereotypical role, we are seen as beeches (sic) who need to be tamed."[1]

Second punk album Society's Rejects was released in 2017. Hugh Guiland awarded the album 6/10 in Vive Le Rock magazine, noting that although there were "no major music revelations to be found here, admittedly," nonetheless there was "an attitudinal swerving of unwavering fuck-you hard rock, unstintingly high on the energy levels ... sometimes you've just got to let it all out." [2] A double-length third punk album Elephant in the Room followed in 2019.[1]

Interviewed by Alexadra Hawkins for Louder than War, the duo explained their philosophy: “We create Revolt Rock music that provides a space for people to celebrate their uniqueness and to stop taking shit from a seemingly heartless judgmental society. Both our stage shows and music addresses and encourages people to get out of their shells and forgo labels that society has imposed on them. Our message is all about freedom and being fearless enough to be a non-conformist and proud of it and if it makes you a society's reject then embrace it!”[3]


Studio Albums[edit]

  • Xperience (Universal Records South Africa, circa 2011) #1 South African album charts.[4][6]
  • Calls to Rebellion (The Soap Girls, 2015)[8]
  • Society's Rejects (The Soap Girls, 2017)[8]
  • Elephant in the Room (The Soap Girls, 2019)[8]


  • Sour (Universal Records South Africa, circa 2011-2014)[6]
  • Hurricane (Universal Records South Africa, circa 2011-2014)[6]
  • In Your Arms (Universal Records South Africa, circa 2011-2014)[6]
  • Lucky Tonight (Universal Records South Africa, circa 2011-2014)[6]


  • Boys Boys Mix2 - Do The Independence (And Bridge Build Burn By Yourself.)2009 Bridge Build Burn Corporation – GoTo-0000 [8]
  • Sour, NOW That's What I Call Music! 59 (South Africa edition) - EMI 2011 CDNOWD(WEE)59 [8]
  • Champagne Cocaine, Wood Trip Hop, Vol. 1 Catwalk Records 2017 CATWALKCOMP099 [8]


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