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Source (or subsource) may refer to:


Science and technology[edit]

Computing and telecommunication[edit]

Earth science[edit]

  • Inflow (hydrology), the source of the water in a lake
  • Source (hydrology), the original point from which a river or stream flows
  • Source rocks, rocks that have generated, or are capable of generating hydrocarbons
  • Point source, a natural or anthropogenic discharge location producing unwanted materials into the environment

Energy and electricity[edit]

  • Energy sources, substances or processes with high concentrations of energy
  • Current source, an electrical or electronic device that delivers or absorbs electric current
  • Ion source, a device that produces ions for mass spectrometry
  • Light source, an object emitting light
  • Voltage source, any device or system that produces an electromotive force between its terminals


Other uses in science and technology[edit]

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Film, radio, and television[edit]





Other music[edit]

Plastic arts[edit]


  • Sources of international law, the materials and processes out of which the rules and principles regulating the international community are developed
  • Sources of law, the materials and processes out of which law is developed


Other uses[edit]

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