The Star-Wagon

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The Star-Wagon
Written by Maxwell Anderson
Date premiered September 29, 1937
Place premiered Empire Theatre
New York City, New York
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting eastern Ohio 1902-1930's.

The Star-Wagon was a 1937 Broadway drama written by Maxwell Anderson, produced and staged by Guthrie McClintic, with scenic design by Jo Mielziner and musical direction by Albert Pearl. It ran for 223 performances from September 29, 1937 to April 1938 at the Empire Theatre.

N.Y. Times, Jan. 7, 1938: “The purchase of Maxwell Anderson’s ‘The Star Wagon’ was made today by Selznick International as a vehicle for Janet Gaynor. The play, which is being given on Broadway, will go before the cameras in the Autumn.” Gaynor retired her film career with The Young in Heart, released in November of 1938, and the motion picture was never made.

It was adapted into the 1966 TV movie The Star Wagon directed by Karl Genus and starring Orson Bean, Eileen Brennan and Dustin Hoffman.


A fantasy of time-travel



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