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Star and Garter

The Star and Garter is a pub in Manchester, England with a room upstairs for club nights and gigs. It is situated on Fairfield Street behind Piccadilly railway station and has been a Grade II listed building since 20 June 1988.[1]

The Creepshow live at Star & Garter, 2012

Origins of the name[edit]

The name "Star and Garter" originates from an abbreviation of the name of the insignia belonging to Order of the Garter. The Star is eight pointed and of chipped silver. At its centre is a white enamelled medallion bearing the Cross of St George in red enamel and surrounded by a dark blue enamelled Garter edged with gold bearing the motto in gold letters.

Several English pubs are named the Star and Garter.

History of the building[edit]

According to both popular myth, legend and at least two long since out-of-print local history tomes, the Star and Garter was built in 1803 approximately 100 yards from its current position. When Store Street/Bank Top/London Road railway station (the original names of Manchester Piccadilly station) was expanded with the addition of the connecting line to Oxford Road station in 1849, the Star and Garter was moved, brick by brick, onto its current site and reopened in 1877. Originally built as a hotel, although it did brew its own beer as well, the Star and Garter has since been transformed into a pub and club venue, although due to its listed status there are still many restrictions on how the structure of the building can be altered.


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