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The Stomachmouths were a garage punk band from Stockholm, Sweden active in the 1980s. Formed in 1984, they were one of the earliest 'pure' garage bands in the European garage revival of the 1980s.[1] Along with local colleagues the Crimson Shadows they pioneered the notion of a garage punk band that strove for authenticity in replicating the sound and the look of the original '60s inspirators, primarily from the US. The Stomachmouths received immediate international attention with their self-released debut 45, which raised interest on the independent music scenes in England and the USA. The band toured extensively in Europe, appearing on German television and receiving major newspaper coverage in Italy.[2]

Originally a quartet, Anna Nystrom joined the band in 1986. In 1987 Kjellen and Stavborg left to form the Livingstones. Jens Lindberg, formerly of the Crimson Shadows and High-Speed V joined as a replacement bass player for the last recordings and European tours. Band leader Stefan Kéry later went on to form the successful independent Xotic Mind/Subliminal Sounds record label.




  • Something Weird (1986, Got to Hurry Records 101)
  • In Orbit (1987, Got to Hurry Records 102)



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