The Stone Coyotes

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The Stone Coyotes are an American band that debuted with their first album in 1998. They hail from Massachusetts but tour primarily in Texas as that is where they receive their most radio airplay.

The Stone Coyotes
VIII, the eighth album by The Stone Coyotes.
Background information
Origin Massachusetts, United States
Genres Rock, country rock
Years active 1998-Present
Labels Red Cat Records
Website Website
Members Barbara Keith, Doug Tibbles, and John Tibbles.


Barbara Keith founded the family-revolved band in Massachusetts with her family. Doug Tibbles is her husband, and John Tibbles is their stepson.[1] Barbara Keith is mainly the guitarist, and also writes most of their songs. Doug started playing drums for the band shortly before the trio was formed, when Keith was signed with Warner Brothers. John learned to play the bass guitar at eleven and started playing in the band when he was eighteen.[2]

Be Cool[edit]

Be Cool is a New York Times bestselling crime novel written by Elmore Leonard.[3] The novel is now a major motion picture, and was the sequel to the book Get Shorty. Barbara Keith was a major influence to this novel, especially its plot. The song Odessa was written for the book.[4] Five of her songs are mentioned in the actual text.[5]



  • Rock Another Day (p)2014 Red Cat Records
  • A Wild Bird Flying (p)2012 Red Cat Records
  • My Turn (p)2010 Red Cat Records
  • A Rude Awakening (p)2009 Red Cat Records
  • VIII (p)2008 Red Cat Records
  • Dreams of Glory (p)2006 Red Cat Records
  • Fire it Up (p)2005 Red Cat Records
  • Rise from the Ashes (p)2003 Red Cat Records
  • Ride Away from the World (p)2003 Red Cat Records
  • Born to Howl (p)2001 Red Cat Records
  • Situation out of Control (p)2000 Red Cat Records
  • Church of the Falling Rain (p)1998 Red Cat Records

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