The Story So Far (Spunge album)

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The Story So Far
Story So Far.jpg
Studio album by Spunge
Released 26 August 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Ska punk
Length 37:16
Label B-Unique Records
Producer John Cornfield, Chris Sheldon
Spunge chronology
Room for Abuse
The Story So Far
That Should Cover It!

The Story So Far is the third album by the Tewkesbury ska punk band Spunge. It was released on 26 August 2002 on the B-Unique Records label and recorded at two studios, Sawmills and Jacobs. The record was produced by John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse) and Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Therapy?).

The album perhaps marks a change in the band's sound, from a more laid-back ska style to a more rock sound. Two singles, "Jump on Demand" and "Roots", were released from the album..

The Story So Far includes a new version of the single "Ego", from Room For Abuse.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Story So Far" – 4:16
  2. "Roots" – 3:51
  3. "Give It A Try" – 2:34
  4. "Change of Scene" – 3:25
  5. "Skanking Song" – 2:23
  6. "Dotted Line" – 3:28
  7. "Ego" – 3:05
  8. "Jump on Demand" – 3:35
  9. "It's Over" – 2:41
  10. "Friend Called Fred" – 3:55
  11. "Too Little Too Late" – 3:59