The Story of Egmo

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The Story of Egmo
Author Ben Cormack
Country UK
Language English
Genre Novel
Publication date
October 2006
Media type eBook & Audiobook

The Story of Egmo is a popular ebook and audiobook by Ben Cormack originally available in late 2006. In early 2007 the London Library Development Agency promoted the book, which was made available for free download, as part of its first literacy campaign targeted at children and young adults. The book received over 25,000 downloads within the first year.


The protagonist, 'Egmo' is an ill-fated anti hero whose many eccentricities put him firmly out of step with the world and everyone in it. When he unearths the global domination plans of local would-be-criminal-mastermind Krapodkin he sets out on a fantastical mission to restore relative normality.

Critical reception[edit]

The Story of Egmo achieved national recognition from The Independent, N.U.T. magazine and Viz.

Radio Serialisation[edit]

In 2010/2011 The Story of Egmo was serialised by Saint FM, narrated by Ben Cormack. The series divided listeners: whilst some feedback suggested it was among the very best programming of that genre, one listener complained that it was completely incomprehensible. In general the series was critically very well received and attracted a large audience. The station re-ran the series in its entirety in 2011.


'Francis and Bunty', a short story set in the 'Story of Egmo' universe, was used to front the 2009 'Best Writer in the Universe' short story competition.[1] It was narrated for the Story of Egmo podcast by popular comedian and BBC presenter Adam Buxton.

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