The Strychnine Babies

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The Strychnine Babies
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Genres Punk rock
Hardcore punk
Years active 1996–1998
Labels American Punk Records
Electric Nerve Records
Members Christian Martucci
Eric Bowr
Dave Glass

The Strychnine Babies were an American punk rock band formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Christian Martucci, Eric Bowr, and punk rock artist Dave Glass. They released their first demo cassette in 1996 and remained active until 1998. Their 1997 EP "Six Songs for Self Destruction" was remastered and re-released via Electric Nerve Records in 2009.


  • Three Song Demo Tape - (1996)
  • Six Songs for Self Destruction EP - (1997)
  • Kill Society/Dead Love 7" - (1998)
  • This is American Punk, Vol. 1 - (1998)
  • Six Songs for Self Destruction (Remastered) EP - (2009)


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