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The Student Hotel (TSH) is an Amsterdam-based hotel chain and co-working space,[1] founded by Scottish entrepreneur Charlie MacGregor in 2006.[2] It is described as a hybrid space[3] that includes co-living and co-working students, business travelers and holiday-makers.[4] It aims to create a connected community[5] amongst its guests.

It has been named by Deloitte as one of 51 best-managed companies in the Netherlands[6] 2017-18, achieving Gold status, having been included on the list for more than four years.

It was awarded a Best in Class Award in 2017 for Best New Student Housing Development[7] and received the Worldwide Hospitality Awards’ Best Innovation Hotel Individual Initiative in 2014.[8]


The hotels are designed by architects and creative agencies including ...,staat,[9] KCAP,[10] HVE,[11] and Masquespacio[12]

TSH Maastricht was nominated for the 2018 Frame Awards’ Best Use of Colour.[13]

The chain has introduced green initiatives, such as committing to cutting water consumption by 20%, by fitting Amphiro meters to showers in its Italian properties.[14]


TSH's backing has come from private equity,[15] including €150 million (£118m) from Perella Weinberg Real Estate in 2014[16] and €100 million from APG in 2015.[17]

TSH is investing €1.8bn in its international growth strategy,[18] bringing its total number of rooms to 17,550.[19]

In 2016, it acquired the Carlyle Group's 85% stake in three properties located in Amsterdam[20] and locations are currently under development in Lisbon, Paris, Barcelona, Porto, and Florence.[21]


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