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The Tampa Tribune
Tampa Trib 10-16-08 front pg.jpg
The October 16, 2008, front page of
The Tampa Tribune
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Tampa Media Group, Inc.
Founded 1895
Headquarters 202 South Parker Street
Tampa, Florida 33606
 United States
Circulation 226,990[1]
ISSN 1042-3761

The Tampa Tribune is a daily newspaper published in Tampa, Florida. In 1966, the Tampa Tribune, along with sister properties WFLA-AM-FM-TV, was purchased by Richmond Newspapers, becoming Media General in 1969. The Tribune was a flagship newspaper under the Media General banner until it was sold in 2012. One of two major newspapers published in the Tampa Bay area, the Tribune is second in circulation and readership to the Tampa Bay Times. The newspaper also publishes a St. Petersburg Tribune edition, sold and distributed in Pinellas County. The Tampa Tribune also published a Sunday magazine, Florida Accent, during the 1960s and 1970s.

Founding of the Tampa Tribune[edit]

Daily publication of the Tribune started in 1895 when Wallace Stovall upgraded printing from once a week. In 1927, newspaper mogul John Stewart Bryan (of Richmond, Virginia) partnered with vice-president and general manager of the Chicago Tribune Samuel Emory Thomason[2] to purchase The Tampa Tribune for $900,000.[3]

Tribune Company[edit]

The Tampa Tribune Publishing company grew to include the Tampa Tribune, the The Tampa Times, WFLA radio and WFLA-TV.[4] In 1958, the struggling evening newspaper, the Tampa Daily Times, was bought out by the Tribune Company and was published until 1982. To this day,[citation needed] the logo for The Tampa Times continues to be displayed in the masthead on the front section, as a way for the Tribune to keep its trademark on the Tampa Times name, and to avoid confusion with the Tampa Bay Times, which publishes an edition for Tampa. In 2006, it was decided in a lawsuit that the Tribune could keep its exclusive use of The Tampa Times name, but only for five years. This exclusivity ended at the end of 2011, allowing the St. Petersburg Times to rename itself the Tampa Bay Times, effective January 1, 2012.[5] The decision does not restrict the use of The Tampa Times name by the Tribune after the expiration of exclusivity – as of January 2012, the Tribune continues to use The Tampa Times name in its masthead.

Since 2000, the Tribune has partnered with WFLA-TV and in a converged arrangement, all connected with one another under owner Media General. The large media complex is located on Parker Street in Downtown Tampa. Executive editor Janet Coats left the paper in December 2009 and was not replaced until May 17, 2012 when managing editor Richard "Duke" Maas was promoted to executive editor. The Tampa Tribune also operates Highlands Today, a daily newspaper in Sebring. The Tribune stopped publishing the Hernando Today, which was located in Brooksville, on Dec. 1, 2014, citing "a tough newspaper advertising climate." [6]

On May 17, 2012, it was announced that investment company Berkshire Hathaway would be acquiring Media General's newspaper division; the purchase did not include the Tribune or its associated regional papers, which were being retained by Media General.[7] No reason was given as to why Media General was retaining the Tribune, but there was speculation that the paper would be sold to another party, such as Halifax Media Group (which owns several papers in Florida) or a completely different owner, or that the paper would merge with the Tampa Bay Times.[8] In October 2012, The Tampa Tribune and its associated print and digital products were acquired by Tampa Media Group, Inc., a new company formed by Revolution Capital Group.[9]


The Tampa Tribune won a Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for local investigative specialized reporting. The award went to John Anthony Frasca for his "investigation and reporting of two robberies that resulted in the freeing of an innocent man."[10]


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