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The Tandem Cycling Club of the United Kingdom, generally known as The Tandem Club, is a British cycling club for riders of tandem bicycles and tandem tricycles. Club members sometimes use triplets and occasionally quads when there are more than 2 riders in the team.

The club was formed in 1971 to provide hard-to-get spare parts and to give advice on topics such as safety and maintenance. Today it is an organisation with members in many parts of the world. Rallies are held in several countries, and include social events, visits to places of special interest and probably most importantly, tandem rides. These range from short family outings to a local play area to rides of 80 miles or more in an area with challenging terrain. There are more than 40 regional officers in the UK alone who organise local events such as rides and local rallies. The Tandem Club also encourages using tandems as a safe and effiecient mode of transport, especially for children and the disabled.

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