The Three Fools

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The Three Fools
Тримата глупаци
The Three Fools and the Tree.jpg
The Three Fools and the Tree (1977)
Created by Donyo Donev
Directed by Donyo Donev
Country of origin Bulgaria
No. of episodes 11 (list of episodes)
Running time 7.30 minutes approx.
Original release 1970 – 1990

The Three Fools (Bulgarian: Тримата глупаци / Trimata glupatsi) is a series of 11 short animated satiric films created and directed by the Bulgarian cartoonist Donyo Donev. The first episode was released in 1970 and the last one in 1990. The screenplays are written by Donyo Donev, Anastas Pavlov, Georgi Chavdarov, Dimo Bolyarov and Georgi Dumanov.

In the series are used the typical for Donev simplified lines, deformed speech and interjections as well as drum' and bagpipe' sounds.

Ever since first episode' release, the films obtained wide popularity and critical acclaim.[1] Each episode alone won at least one international award.[1]

In 1982, the satirical paper “The Three Fools”, named after the characters of the movie, was founded with Donyo Donev as editor-in-chief.[1]


Year Episode Running time Screenplay
English title Bulgarian title Transliteration
1970 The Three Fools Тримата глупаци Trimata glupatsi 8.46 min Anastas Pavlov
1972 The Three Fools as Hunters Тримата глупаци – ловци Trimata glupatsi – lovtsi 6.12 min Anastas Pavlov
1973 The Three Fools and the Automobile Тримата глупаци и автомобилът Trimata glupatsi i avtomobilat 7.12 min Anastas Pavlov
1974 The Three Fools and the Cow Тримата глупаци и кравата Trimata glupatsi i kravata 6.30 min Anastas Pavlov
1977 The Three Fools and the Tree Тримата глупаци и дървото Trimata glupatsi i darvoto 8.20 min Donyo Donev
1978 The Three Fools and the Fool Woman Тримата глупаци и глупачката Trimata glupatsi i glupachkata 9.08 min Georgi Chavdarov
1979 The Three Fools as Athletes Тримата глупаци – атлети Trimata glupatsi – atleti 5.30 min Donyo Donev
Dimo Bolyarov
1980 The Three Fools as Pedagogues Тримата глупаци – педагози Trimata glupatsi – pedagozi 9.22 min Donyo Donev
Dimo Bolyarov
1982 The Three Fools as Fishermen Тримата глупаци – рибари Trimata glupatsi – ribari 8.36 min Donyo Donev
Georgi Dumanov
1989 The Three Fools in the Restaurant Тримата глупаци в ресторанта Trimata glupatsi v restoranta 6.04 min Donyo Donev
1990 The Three Fools Non-stop Тримата глупаци нон стоп Trimata glupatzi non-stop 2.45 Min Donyo Donev


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