The Tracks of Sweeney

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The Tracks of Sweeney
The Tracks of Sweeney.jpeg
Studio album by Sweeney's Men
Released 1969
Recorded Livingstone Studios, Barnet in 1969
Genre Celtic
Label Transatlantic
Producer Bill Leader
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The Tracks of Sweeney
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The Tracks of Sweeney is an album by Sweeney's Men. It was first released in 1969 and re-released on CD in 1996, packaged together with Sweeney's Men. One track on this album is frequently anthologised: "Hall of Mirrors". It is possibly the best folk-acoustic psychedelic Irish song, with mysterious images and echoes. The opening track "Dreams For Me" is another outstanding track, with an insistent guitar bass which transforms into a polka and back to a lament. "Afterthoughts" appears to show the influence of Nick Drake, but it is unlikely that Woods had heard songs from Drake's first album, released later in 1969.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Dreams For Me" (Terry Woods)
  2. "The Pipe On The Hob" (instr) (Trad)
  3. "Brain Jam" (Terry Woods)
  4. "Pretty Polly" (Trad)
  5. "Standing On The Shore" (Trad)
  6. "A Mistake No Doubt" (Henry McCullagh/ Terry Woods)
  7. "Go By Brooks" (Cohen)
  8. "When You Don't Cry" (Terry Woods)
  9. "Afterthoughts" (Terry Woods)
  10. "Hiram Hubbard" (Trad)
  11. "Hall Of Mirrors" (Henry McCullagh)