The Translator

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The Translator
Author Leila Aboulela
Language English
Publisher Grove Press Black Cat imprint
Publication date
Pages 208

The Translator is Sudanese writer Leila Aboulela's first novel, published in 1999. The Translator is a story about a young Muslim Sudanese widow living in Scotland and her blooming relationship with a secular Scottish Middle Eastern scholar. The novel takes place in both Khartoum and Aberdeen and was inspired partially by Aboulela's own experience moving between these two places.[1] Aboulela refers to the novel and the main character Sammar as "a Muslim Jane Eyre".[1] The novel focuses on issues of faith, cross-cultural romance, and the modernization of Sudan. Author J.M. Coetzee has called the book "a story of love and faith all the more moving for the restraint with which it is written." In reference to the importance of faith in the story, Riffat Yusuf of The Muslim News has called The Translator "The first halal novel written in English".[2]