The Truth About Poop

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The Truth About Poop
The Truth About Poop 9780670036745L Cover.png
Author Susan E. Goodman
Illustrator Elwood H. Smith
Cover artist Elwood H. Smith
Publisher Viking Children's
Publication date
May 11, 2004
Pages 40
ISBN 978-0-670-03674-5
OCLC 53276264
612.3/6 22
LC Class QP159 .G665 2004

The Truth About Poop is a book by Susan E. Goodman and illustrated by Elwood H. Smith.

Book information[edit]

The book has chapters about the nature of excrement, its production, varieties, uses in love, war, sports, the development of flushing toilets, toilet paper, and urban waste reclamation.


A Kirkus Reviews review says, "A steaming pile of fun, redolent of wide-ranging research but most suited to recreational dipping, and a fine lead-in to Masoff's monumental Oh, Yuck/The Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty, illustrated by Terry Sirrell (2000)".[1] A Publishers Weekly review says, "While Goodman delivers the straight stuff about international and U.S. bathroom practices, demonstrating that scrupulous research can be fun, Smith (Raise the Roof!) creates vaudevillean cartoons that suggest their steamy subject but don't get too close. This scatological documentary could make a splash".[2] Rachel G. Payne, of School Library Journal, reviewed the book saying, " Even though the cover illustration of an elephant on a chamber pot may make browsers think it is a potty-training book, the rest of Smith's retro cartoons in muted colors provide humor without being too gross".[3]

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